Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 115: Choices

Would you rather have a long and miserable life, or a short and happy life? When you see a hobo, do you feel repelled or sad? When you go to someone's house, do you gauge whether they are happy or rich?

I hear that a storm is upon the East Coast. Here, it so sunny, that I turn off the heater, and the AC went on until I put a stop on that as well.

This afternoon, I take my son to the conservatory for his violin and stop by Japantown to kill time. They have a little fukubiki (lottery) going on. A lady is complaining in broken Japanese "Nothing" - she got to draw 20 tickets and none were hits. The young bilingual man at the lottery is very patient and polite. She claims none of the tickets are hits, and that this is sacrilege. My turn comes and I get 6 tickets. One is a $5 coupon! I pontificate to the crowd that you have to trust in good fate. The young man is very appreciative. It turns out that my son's violin teacher was not there, and we went there for nothing, but no big deal. I get to rejoice in my good fortune.

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