Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 111: Here Comes the Sun

The sun is out, the day is warmer- I see 57 degrees indicated on the thermometer outdoors.
I spend most of the day on newsletters and miscellaneous administration for my businesses and for the home front. Sometimes, I wonder if all this busy stuff is going to turn into profitable business. I am fortunate, though. I live in a gorgeous neighborhood in a comfortable house, perched on top of a hill, with a spectacular view spread in front of me. There is no better place to be wondering about one's productivity.

At 2:30, I find myself at the local pool to stretch my little muscles and get some oxygen into my lungs. At 3:30, I pick up my two youngest at the library, and climb back up the hill. As I prepare for dinner - tonight it is halibut sandwiched in crunchy lotus roots sauteed in sesame oil, I feel that 2009 has simply blown through time, and is coming to an end. I remember being glad seeing 2008 fade into the past, and thinking that 2010 would be a good year. I sure hope this is true.

At dinner, as we munch on lotus burgers, the kids talk about how Julien helped a neighbor bring her grocery into her house, with an "unnatural" smile on his face. As they reprimand him of following a stranger - "Stranger, danger!", Julien defends himself saying the lady was this big - pointing to a height similar to mine, her hair would be all grey if it weren't dyed - at which point, they all look at me, and then declares that she is 80-years old! My husband chimes in that "la petite vieille" (careful not to look at me) is no danger, even if she is a stranger. I am sure the lady is nowhere close to 80, and is actually quite tall, and can be dangerous if she feels like it. Nevertheless, I commend my good Samaritan son.

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  1. I hope that the year 2010 is a good year to. Of course with all this nonsense about 2012 coming closer everyone might start getting restless.