Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 107: Yoga Pants

Today is the first day in my 107 days of entrepreneurship that I have spent the entire day in my yoga pants. I feel like a bestseller novelist. I've read about people who can work in their PJs. This is pretty close. The reason that I stayed in my yoga pants all day, is not to prove that I can, but because I have been meaning to go to yoga (or at least the pool) all morning. But, work got in the way, and I finally decided to go the pool at 3:40.

Of all the nature-defying people over 21 years of age in my neighborhood, my husband and I rank within top 5 at 4 pm. It is so cold that it could snow, and there we are, moving through water like seals. I cut short my shower and sauna so as not to keep my husband waiting, but it is impossible to emerge from the locker room under 13 minutes. I don't know how men manage, but women have a certain standard that cannot be compromised. Even then, I will have it known, that not many women can beat my truncated grooming. I deliver my husband back close to his office and fetch a bottle of milk for the tribe. Tomorrow, I must go to Costco again to hunt down the mammoth.

Recently, I have discovered that friends read this blog. Frequently, I am asked about Aya's pinky and other esoteric updates. At first, I wondered whether I was losing it and not recalling that I had spoken to you about the trivia. Now I realize that you have been reading and feeling as if you are talking to me all the time. That's really nice, but don't forget to call me or email me once in a while, since I don't know what you are up to. Speaking of friends, here is a video about friends, courtesy of Camille.

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  1. Yes I can confirm it is impossible for women to leave locker room within 13mins. 33mins would actually be quite good. And the mystery of charlie has been sovled as well