Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 110: Coming Out

I knew deep inside, but have never voiced this before. But now, I am coming out. I am actually a very primitive form of life. I am the type that hibernates when it gets cold. The other day, I could not stop yawning, even after I slept 11 hours. When I see the birds from my window in V formation heading south, I am with them in spirit.

This morning, I awaken to see a patch of blue sky. The clouds offer a silver lining as well. As I crawl to my shower, I feel that the world is on my side after all. At noon, I go down to the pool to do a few laps with my husband, and this does a lot of good for my spirits. My ritual is to spend 25 minutes doing leisurely laps (imagine a lazy seal) and then 20 minutes in the shower/sauna - BLISS.

Today, we are invited to a neighbor's for drinks, where we meet all our favorite neighbors. They are probably 20 years+ our seniors, and I am so happy to see them. The amusing town gossip I hear could make a bestseller, no doubt. I vaguely recall the turning point when I felt more comfortable with older people than younger people. I was born agressive, but turned sedate at a very early age. When I became a young mother, this changed my DNA combo for good. All of a sudden, I was wise and mature, and wary of what the world could do to harm my children. I became more compassionate and vulnerable. I suppose this is what makes me feel closer to children, to the elderly, and to the animals that need to hibernate.

Which brings me back to the topic of primitive life form. Wouldn't global warming get a big break if all of us humans hibernated for a few months?

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  1. Yup. Of course we would have to be careful of all the predators that don't hibernate. (Thieves, murderers, and other criminals.) They would be runnning wild in what in their eyes would be a jackpot.