Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 108: Nimble

Today, my husband, who hasn't taken a day off from work (including weekends) this year, says he won't work. So, we go to yoga at 8. A few errands later, I pick up the kids at the library where a real fire is warming us up in the fireplace.

I come home and realize I am 8 minutes late for a conference call on Skype. All of a sudden, speakers and microphones are plugged into my laptop (thanks to my husband), and it's almost as if we are sitting in a room together. 2 hours later, we have a company name, a business concept, and off we go - three different ways to make things happen.

In company pitches, I have heard how people are nimble and can adjust quickly. I doubt any company is as nimble as we are right now.

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