Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 112: Doing it the Right Way

I did it! - today I volunteered at school and made sure my child saw me in action. In fact, the whole field trip was rather interesting. At the recycling center, I learn that Marin County has the highest output (per capita?) of garbage of any county in the nation. The nation itself, with 5% of the global population, produces 30% of global rubbish. The output in Marin went down by 30% in 2008 and has since recovered to about 20% from peak this year. This should serve as a leading indicator of consumer confidence. Other than the fact that 10-year-old boys are very cute and manageable, I feel like I have bought my way into heaven by a tiny step. This is what giving, charity, volunteering is all about. You feel like a better person.

Since my day is half gone anyway, I decide it's about time to do something about Christmas. This is the first year since we've had kids that we don't buy a Christmas tree. The year has gone so fast, and I don't see anyone around me slowing down yet, so frankly, it doesn't really feel like Christmas. However, a tradition is a tradition. I make a little tree with ornaments out of silk flower and ribbons, and it is quite well received (even though I had to drag each family member and force a compliment out of them).

With a glass of Pouilly Fume in hand, I chat with my friend in Tokyo on Skype about business, and feel so fortunate to have someone with similar work ethics and wave lengths on the other side of the Pacific. Having the right partner is the key to satisfaction, and hopefully, success in a start up.

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