Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 113: Paula

I have to tell you about Paula. She lives in my neighborhood (actually, I live in her neighborhood) and is so busy helping others that you would think she were a second year associate in corporate finance. She has journeyed with her husband through his disease, and has since helped many, many friends through their ordeal of dialysis. She has helped her best friend recover from cancer. She is taking care of her neighbor who had a heart attack yesterday. By now, you are all thinking of Mother Teresa, but Paula is a very happy, funny, intelligent person who also has a jolly good time!

Today, I get to go to lunch with Paula - her treat! What could be better? We have a lovely lunch in Sausalito, where Brian serves us. Brian owned a restaurant in San Francisco, and served Paula and her late husband Ed on their wedding evening. So, of course, we get special service.

In business school, one learns in OB (that's organizational behavior) that one should be nice to the administrative assistant (i.e. the secretary) because she has all the useful information that will help you better yourself. People like Paula are nice to the secretary because they like the secretary. Humans have sophisticated brains that can intuitively sense whether you have had a nose job. These brains, one would hope, can certainly differentiate between the manipulative versus the Paula.

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