Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 147: Take me for granted

Website creation is a lot like knitting. It makes your eyes cross, and your back ache. But I have persevered in updating my website. At sitekreator, John does not compare to Mark, so I figure it out myself, and am very proud about it.

Lunch comes, meaning I make it for myself. Then the insurance broker comes. He is annoyed that he has managed to get himself lost. Not a word of apology for making me spend 15 minutes guiding him out of the maze in Tiburon and safely to my house.

But, that is trivial. The heavens open their floodgates again, and I need to save my kids from certain death from drowning. One by one, I confirm they can get back home, and swerve downhill to scoop up the stray duckling at the library. Funny that she thinks it's quite natural that I should be there looking for her. "Let's go.", she says, without a word of thanks. I now understand what all the other moms say when they talk about being taken for granted.

In the evening, someone calls for my husband. I tell him that I am his wife and can speak to him about the subject. He doesn't seem to understand English. He presses for my husband to call back. Neanderthal. It reminds me of NY. The local fire department calls once in a while asking for "the man of the house". Forget about the "lady of the house" little lady. They want the "man". Apes.

Up north, my youngest duckling is camping with his classmates. The teacher kindly sends updates with upbeat messages about how much fun they are having in the pouring rain.

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