Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 146: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

When I moved here 4 years ago, I learned that there is a rainy season in the Bay Area. It starts around Halloween and ends around Easter. January and February are peak months. So we find ourselves drenched in rain for the fourth day. Charlie refuses to go outside unless he really needs to, and even so, he looks like he is being led to the guillotine.

It is 7:15 am, but the sun is nowhere to be seen. Downstairs, Maxime is preparing for his 4-day outdoor ed camp. Maybe they can learn how to swim on land there.

Days like this, it's sure nice not to have a job that requires walking outdoors a lot.

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  1. Mari:

    After reading your posts, I feel as though I live at your house. charlie seems like a lot of fun. He sounds just like you. Dolphin Mari. You are hysterical.