Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 140: Cultural Differences

It is interesting how different cultures interpret something that was initially the same thing differently. Take curry, for instance. Indian curry and Thai curry are different, but it's nothing compared to Japanese curry. If you go to a supermarket in Japan, you will find as many curry mixes as you'll find cereal boxes here in the US. Look at cheese. Thanks to my husband, I have become a cheese connoisseur over the years. But look at the US - Swiss, cheddar, lite or normal...

I have hit the wall for websites. My friends here tell me the site looks great, and how did I do it? My friends in Japan shake their heads in dismay. "It's the font and the look.", they say. I take a look at some of the Japanese sites that are internet companies and crinkle my nose. Just as the notion of beauty for women are different, so is the notion of beauty for websites.

Which reminds me of an interesting comment my friends made when I was back in Japan. According to them, a lot of Japanese women who marry non-Japanese men (known as "Gaijin")are often not what the average Japanese would consider attractive. Well, it's good that what is trash for some, can be treasures for others. I feel fortunate that my husband found me.

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