Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 131: Maman a dit....

I love it when the kids tell my husband, "Maman a dit que..." Mommy has said...therefore it is final, so it sounds. If only it were. This afternoon, my husband, Maxime, Charlie and I go for a walk up the hill. We meet a few other dog walkers, one who says to me that Maxime looks just like my husband! In fact, he does. The eternal baby faces... When Maxime was in pre-school, all the moms would hail him in the streets. When I asked him why they all liked him, he said, "Mommy, why wouldn't they like me? I'm cute, I'm smart, and I'm well dressed." I suppose this is why I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary today. Not that the anniversary really means that much. We were living together and had Julien before we were married. Given that my requirement for a husband was that he was poor and self-made, he has kept his side of the bargain. We had a great wedding at the Buffalo city hall in snow boots. The elevator man took us to the 13th floor and told us "Dog license to the left, marriage license to the right." The clerk read us our vows from a magenta laminated piece of paper, and we had to call the typist away from her desk as witness. For lunch, we stopped by the Husky Inn on the Canadian side of the border to wolf down some Husky cheese burger, before picking Julien up from daycare.

Now, I wonder if I have kept my side of the bargain... He wanted four kids. He has five. Other than that, I choose not to think too much. As the kids say, "Maman a dit..." , so it must be final.

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