Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 139: Round and round

I have grown roots to my chair today. My friend in Tokyo sleeps very little, and therefore keeps me company until late morning my time. We trade emails on ideas. Then, I work on website revisions - this is like knitting. My eyes cross, my thoughts converge. I swallow down lunch and race with time. Today, my helper comes to clean the house, and I get kicked out of my bedroom/office mid-afternoon. I go to the post office, the grocery store and then to the pool for a few laps. I feel the need to explain myself. I like swimming and yoga. But, that's not the only reason I swim and go to yoga. Swimming and yoga are cheaper alternatives than Prozac.

I come home, and Skype calls. I chat for an hour. By the time I am done, my meat loaf is smelling good. We dine. The meatloaf that was supposed to last a couple of days, simply dissapears. I have underestimated the power of youth yet again.

As I sit here, emails start flowing again from all my good friends on the other side of the world. The world is round, and I really get it now.

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