Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 1: Talk to me, Santhosh!

The first of the 200 days that lead to a successful career as entrepreneur, is fraught with challenges. My in-house IT support (aka husband) leaves for a business trip. Last night, my laptop started misbehaving. Today, I have spent 10 hours speaking to Microsoft technical support in New Dehli. Santhosh, my third specialist of the day, is very nice and responsive. He and I have traveled together through the Microsoft maze. Mid-day, I excuse myself to take my dog to the vet - Charlie has been moaning and limping around the house all morning. Three hours later, and $313 poorer, I return home. Immediately, Santhosh calls me. "Talk to me, Santhosh!", I say. We are now comrades in the battle against my external hard drive.

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