Friday, July 2, 2010


The summer sales have started here in France. Since I had to return to Surcouf for the Windows XP (pronounced "ix-pe") anyway, we ride the metro with our pass Navigo and arrive at Blvd Haussmann. Galeries Lafayette is a zoo, but we manage to find a decent size 40 pair of flats for my daughter as well as some tops that are not too revealing but not too "yesterday" either. My son manages to get a new pair of shoes, too and has a last sniff at his sneakers before throwing them out. My husband who is straight as an arrow, approaches the store attendant in the socks section, to have a look at his socks, before choosing a few pairs for his son. I have discovered that it is an utter myth that women spend "so much time buying shoes". It is difficult to comprehend how different men's belts can be from one another, but we spend 15 minutes gazing at them. As I ride the bus back to my father-in-law's, I feel that I shall deserve every drop of Chablis tonight.

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