Monday, July 5, 2010


We are all back in the south again. Most of last week, Charlie had a long chair with a parasol on the beach front originally meant for my grandmother-in-law. The waiters gave him pieces of chicken, while at home, my grandmother-in-law fed him fromage blanc with baguettes. So, back home, he is on hunger strike of sorts, refusing his dog food (for now). But, he promptly takes up his duty as guard dog, and posts himself in front of the bedroom door of the youngest child.

My little banged up Citroen stalls at least 6 times at the gate of our house, before we venture to the village post office, proving how quickly one can lose one's knack. My friend who is visiting tells me that Carrefour is all over Beijing now, with three times more people than the one in Antibes, which seems crowded enough. As we weigh our vegetable on the scale, the person behind us tells us there is a camera on the scale that can tell pretty much what the product is, and gives a choice of candidates. The ginger, which we could not find the first go around, comes up as a potential fit this time. As I marvel at the technology, another man tells me not to be tricked, there is really a very small man inside the scale who is figuring out the produce. Having bought up half the store, we return home to many appreciative people who "ooh" and "aah" at the food.

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