Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I had several glasses of wine too many last night, resulting in my staying at home today. Meanwhile, my friend, her daughter, and Maxime take the train to Monaco and spend the day visiting the castle, the aquarium, the park and the cafe in front of the casino. Despite my worries about heat strokes and boredom, they come home having enjoyed themselves thoroughly. I listen to their day and thank my lucky stars that I didn't go with them.

Meanwhile, I cook a good zucchini dish for lunch and a nice pot au feu for dinner. Our vegetable intake is high today, and I find satisfaction in this.

As I place my right foot on Charlie's rump and watch the kids swim in the pool below, it feels like paradise. In the house, others are watching Spain score a goal against Germany, and are equally in paradise.

Happiness comes in different forms.

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