Thursday, March 10, 2011

In a Pinch

My last blog entry was about neighbors connecting. Since then, we have created a social community through the use of a group email called IN A PINCH. Neighbors have looked for doll house materials, bridge partners, where to source shoe boxes, goat-sitters, sewing name it. It's interesting to see how much knowledge is stored in people's brains that can be shared effortlessly with the right medium.

Why I am up at 2:30 am is another story. Remember how this blog started? I had a dream about 5 years ago: the "dream me" was having so much fun working on things she liked, that she couldn't wait to jump out of bed to start her day. Well, the real me kind of caught up, and I find myself juggling a dozen business ideas. Now, if only the "raking in so much money" part would hurry up and catch on...

Don't worry...I haven't been up all night. Starting last morning with my son rushing out the door to school commenting that someone had left their lunch on the entrance table (turns out it was him), the day was a wrrrrr... Coffee in the neighboring village, pulling up for lunch at the WRONG museum and dashing to the right museum, catching up with friends with 14-months-old twins (cute!!! but boy am I glad that my kids are much work), tea with another friend, conference calls, cooking dinner, talking to the dentist about my youngest's "fuzzy" unbrushed teeth, and on and on it goes. At 7:30, there I was, a rag doll with no steam. So, I dragged myself off to bed, and find myself awake in the middle of the night. Charlie is looking slightly annoyed that someone is keeping him from his beauty sleep, but I think he will survive. I wonder is all dogs sleep 20 hours a day.

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