Friday, December 2, 2011


So, the year is coming to an end, even though I feel that summer was just the other day. The last entry was a long time ago. IN A PINCH has grown into a big group of very nice neighbors sharing tips on how to get candle wax out of one's table cloths, and information on local concerts.

This year, I have reinvented myself as a CFO-for-rent, and have I have met quite a few interesting people. While it is hard to figure out people and businesses, I use my intuition to separate the gems from the pebbles. We'll see how well this scientific method works.

Switching topics, I have found that the word "massage" draws crowds. Thanks to the $25 one-hour massage in Palo Alto, I have seen so many friends this year. It is great to catch up with classmates from (almost) 20 years ago over massage and lunch. Time warps exist for sure, as it feels like "we haven't changed at all". Curiously, as I visit the campus, all the students look like my kids. I can only hope they don't see me and think that I look like their moms.

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