Monday, January 17, 2011


Today is Martin Luther King Jr.'s day. He had a dream, and so do I. My dream is to have a kind village where ever you are. This morning, I hop into my batmobile for a quick swim at the pool, before dashing over to discuss a concept with fellow villagers. The concept is simple. Help fellow villagers when you can how you can.

Having lived in a country for a couple of decades, where most 15-year-olds are taller than I am, in affluent neighborhoods where some people assume I am the nanny (and what's wrong with nannies? My kids wouldn't be who they are without the help of wonderful nannies), I am surprised at the prejudices and presumptions that trap people into isolation.

This morning, I chatted with a friend who tells me she stopped going to the local park with her grandchildren, because the younger moms (who all look like Barbie) turned their backs to her when she was chatting with them. She felt rejected because she was too old. Just because you don't wear a blonde pony tail and wear size 2 designer jeans, doesn't mean you're worthless for goodness' sake!

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