Monday, April 5, 2010

Back again

By popular demand (3 people to be exact), I am back to writing this blog. 20 years and 3 hours ago, I gave birth to the first of five wonderful people. Back then, in Japan, there was no Epidural, and so I suffered through the night and into the early morning with a difficult delivery. If you have ever tried to squeeze the last out of your tooth paste, or if you have ever tried to suction something out, or pry a stubborn object out of tight quarters with forceps, you will know how hard it was. The child who is now a marvelous young man, came to this world with an elongated head looking quite like a frozen yogurt on a cone. Within 12 hours, he was looking very adorable, and has been ever since.

In any event, I have been pottering around, looking for meaning of life and such...and still looking.

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