Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anybody have an extra SQLEVN70.RLL?

This morning, I Skype with Japan and happily delete programs that I rarely use, only to find that I deleted something called SQLEVN70.RLL. Now, my computer looks very strange, and I cannot restore my system to how it looked yesterday. I have found that I still have internet access, and have gone to microsoft for help, but they are experiencing difficulty and cannot help.

My children and I have spent the whole day scraping paint off the huge windows. My hands are sore, I have hardened blisters on my palms, and the freshly cleaned living room is covered with dust again. As compensation for their labor, tomorrow, the kids have been promised an afternoon at the local stone beach, which they apparently prefer to the sand beach. Castorama (which I figure is the Home Depot of France) is quickly becoming my Saks Fifth Avenue. I purchase wood paste, primers, sand paper, paint thinner, paint chipper for the window (which immediately breaks upon usage), and all other very mundane items. I learn that masking tape is called bande de masquage.

Charlie is suffering from left ear irritation, and has learned to dislike the human children ear cleaners that my kids endure. I may have to seek professional advice tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my husband has found that a panel in the kitchen that we had thought was fixed and did not open, actually does open, and contains some bottles of wine! Hallelujah! The cupboard is not only mold-free but gift-laden.

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